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NaNoWriMo Lessens by Day Seven

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Day seven and my novel only has 7684 words. Distractions are setting in, mostly in the form of other writing commitments. My writing group requires a short story on the subject of shoes I remember from my childhood, and my writing class asks for a 2000 word story with a snowy setting. Can I manage this along with 2000 words a day of novel? It seems not.

Even more than that, ideas have begun clamouring to be written down. A few days ago, a friend told me that he hated living a cliché. Two days later, another friend reminded me that Flaubert famously chose the most banal story he could think of when writing ‘Madame Bovary’. Those two things were combining in my mind while I was struggling to understand my male characters and make them sympathetic. My only reader to date has a desire to punch my main male character, apparently. So, I thought to myself, I shall write about being a clichéd male character, thus teaching myself how to see their lives from the inside.

I hope that I am wrong about what it is like to be a man. I spent most of the day inside that head, and I don’t want to go there again, not even for the edit. He started out sympathetic, but it all ended with violence, rape and the possibility of suicide. So now I have a story that doesn’t fit anywhere in my novel and is unsuitable for my shockable writing class. It is possibly a hideous insight into my psychology. Hopefully the one about my fear of Clarkes’ foot measuring machine will be better. I can hope.


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November 8, 2009 at 12:16 am

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