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I am often angered by sexism in popular culture. So often, in fact, that it scarcely seems worth commenting on. We know that women on television are selected on the basis of their looks and willingness to maintain a low clothing to make-up ratio. We know that scantily clad women are used to make overpriced products seem appealing. This is both a cause and a symptom of wider problems. Mostly I try to ignore it, focussing my energies on shouting at Radio Four.

American popular culture is particularly frustrating. The smug assumption that the USA is the centre of the world particularly annoys me (except in ‘The West Wing’, when it lifts me up and makes me proud to be an American, until I remember that I’m not). So when reactions to adverts during the Superbowl popped up in the blogosphere, I ignored them. I don’t even know what the Superbowl is, a major sporting event for players of lawn bowls or ten-pin bowling, perhaps?

I did eventually watch this:

Predictably, it made me angry. You’re not going to be subjected to a rant, however, because Mackenzie Fegan made this, and it is much more eloquent than anything I could achieve. I love it. Enjoy.


Written by Not an Odalisque

February 12, 2010 at 11:05 pm

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